Ieva Johansson MODERATOR

Ieva Johansson

just to make it as simple as possible 

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Every event needs a good event moderator. Whether it is someone who assists the speakers and the audience throughout the day, or in a session. Ieva will make Your event run smooth. 

As the master of ceremony of the event -  she will be there to make sure the speakers can do the best job and the audience gets the most out of the day or session. She is the connection between the different talks and communication between participants of the event and speakers. 

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Facilitating a workshop is about helping your group to share their own experiences. The facilitator can also add your own experiences and knowledge, but the key is that everyone is really involved. 

Ieva will lead your group through all the stages of the process - giving an introduction of the theme, creating a safe atmosphere,  opening the group for discussions, and guiding by tasks, and at the end of the workshop will wrap up with evaluation and closing. 

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In this digital world is necessary to be competent in tools of communication and a structured leader of online platforms (Zoom, Miro, Teams, Mentimeter, Kahoot! ect) Ieva will be an experienced person who will support participants during Your open online courses, live workshops, or discussion sessions. Ieva as a facilitator will encourage conversation, ensuring that everyone is able to contribute and communicate in a positive and collaborative way.