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Start with values...

We got a new home, Heshkilli Residence in Georgia, and added a donation system as gift cards for repair and upgrading.

Value School International

Value ​​School International bases its existence on the value of values.

Value School International shall provide timeless knowledge, share experiences, and deepen the value of human values.

Value School International will give everyone who wants a chance to discover more of what they already are.

In an international environment with a humanistic basis, we focus on synergy and peaceful cultural exchange.

Why Value School?

Values are a big part of whom we think we are.

Values are thoughts about things that are important to us. So important that if someone is taking them away, it’s game over.

Most of the things we think, talk and act, come out from those thoughts about our values.

What we put focus on it grows, and that’s why we created Value School International. We think your values matter so we put focus on them.

How does it work?


By starting with connecting with nature, we open up ourselves. We always allowed students to spend a lot of time in nature. Awareness of our values comes from listening, watching, and feeling our deeper personalities and what comes naturally to us. Universe and nature is the best classroom. Different nonformal education tools, journaling, creativity, and music help us blend with nature and learning.


All changes start with you. Every person has talents, not just a few. Everyone is taking steps forward; the NOW is always on the move. We help you feel good about your learning process and support you to stay strong in your personal values and the result of that.


Sharing and blending with other students helps us educate ourselves. Teaching and education on different subjects help us understand how to implement new learning and live our values. By blending different cultures and nationalities we join the global community we all share.

What we do? 

Value School International is a learning platform digital and physical. We teach courses and seminars based on the power of values. The teaching is a blend of nonformal education, coaching, and sharing. New insights are shared easily and always tried out by practice. We offer Retreats and specially-made programs for individuals and groups. 

In the summer of 2022...

We got a new home - Heshkilli Residence in Georgia! Beautiful place with incredible views, mountains, silence, the freshest air, and a place from thoughts!

But we need your help...

The Heshkilli Residence is in dire need of repair and upgrading. To be able to welcome local people to learn more about values ​​and English to people from all over the world who want to visit us for Value retreats and courses. So, we added a donation system as gift cards for Value School in Georgia.

Value School International Residences


Heshkili Residence

Learning from Nature

Learning to Be 

Learning to Learn

LATVIA, Daugavpils

Latgale Residence

Learning Together

Learning by Doing

Learning from Teaching


Digital Residence

Learning Online

Learning by Tehnologies

Learning to Create

Still have any questions?

Feel free to reach out to us - we’d love to talk to you!