Heshkili Residence

How to get to Heshkili Residence?

When You arrive in Tbilisi (capital of Georgia) or Kutaisi what is the second biggest city - You have several options:

By small airplane - Travel with Vanilla Sky domestic flight. 

If You arrive in Tbilishave to book in advance on site:


From Natahtari airport if You travel from Tbilisi - Mestia price 90GEL. Flight around 50 min

From Kutaisi airport if You travel from Kutaisi - Mestia price 50GEL. Flight around 40 min. 

Its safe! 

By marshrutka minibus -

If you want to get from Tbilisi to Mestia in one day and aren’t concerned about being crammed in a minibus for 10 hours, then you’ll be happy to know that there is a direct bus from Tbilisi to Mestia. Leaving Bus Station (Gia Gulua, 1, Tbilisi) at 7 am, costing around 60 GEL (lari) a ticket and taking around 10 hours.

The minibus from Kutaisi to Mestia departs at 9am from the Central Bus Station (Kutaisi,67 Chavchavadze St.) Trip will take around 5 h. Price - 40GEL (lari)

Ticket You can get on place. Pleae come 30 min advance.

By private taxi -

You will be provided with taxies every time when You are in bus station or airport. Please ask several taxi drivers the price to Your destination. Trip price from Kutaisi to Mestia could be starting from 200 GEL (lari) . But that depends also from time of the day or just drivers personal interests.

Also when You arrive to Mestia and want to come up to Heshkili village - You should take a private taxi. Drivers will catch You when You step out of marshrutka minibus. Price around 50 - 80 GEL (lari) as the mountain road is in not the best condition. But it worth it. 

Write in google maps: Heshkili Huts! 

You are always welcome to contact us when You want to arrive to Values School residence in Heshkili. You recomend You to come also if there is no program provided by us. In this case - contact privatly owners of the Heshkili Huts family by facebook https://www.facebook.com/heshkilihuts 

or by phone: +995 598 40 47 86

- and You will be hosted warmest!