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Value School International

Value ​​School International bases its existence on the value of values.  Value School will give everyone who wants a chance to discover more of what they already are. In an international environment with a humanistic basis, we focus on synergy and peaceful cultural exchange.

We got a new home - Heshkilli Residence in Georgia! Beautiful place with incredible views, mountains, silence, the freshest air, and a place from thoughts!

Become an Ambassador

The Value Schoolhouse Heshkilli Residence Georgia is in dire need of repair and upgrading. To be able to welcome local people to learn more about values ​​and English to people from all over the world who want to visit us for Value retreats and courses.  So, we added a donation system as gift cards for Value School in Georgia.

By donating you are helping us to prepare our great place for opening in summer 2023!

You can also give of your time and talent by coming to work as a volunteer. We have local professionals and everything legal in place.

Thank you for your time, donation, and support!

GEORGIA NEEDs for charity:

  • Kitchen - dining room - workshop room 
  • House - roof - toilets and bathrooms 
  • 3 guest rooms
  • The road to Heshkilli Residence is in big need of a new foundation and surface 
  • A fence of good quality is needed around the house because of free-going animals in the landscape. 
  • The old historical tower needs total rehabilitation.
  • Training room - exhibition hall 
  • Yard terrasse for workshops 
  • New windows and doors for the whole house.

Thank you for your time, donation, and support!


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