Participant's reviews

Thanks to MeYou.One training program “theSTARS” we see the change in our team eminently! It's a wave! People want to develop further and learn more. When You trust in people - everything happens easily. We will create a long-term program for our company.

Evita Šķipsna, Ltd. "Ieroči"

Superb team from MeYou.One they can teach you a lot of useful things in exciting way.

Roberts Vidzidskis Photography

Henric & Ieva Johansson are gifted teachers and speakers, equally engaging in large audiences and more intimate groups. They are passionate about helping individuals and businesses deepen their understanding of life and create the results that matter to them, in addition to working with a handful of coaching clients and leading selected corporate programs.

Armed with an arsenal of humorous real-life stories from their varied global experiences, Henric and Ieva make their audiences and clients learn through laughter and in-depth knowledge about communicating better and experiencing clarity, peace, and personal growth.


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Development programs for groups 

case studies, team-building, communication, strategies

International projects

networking, building up partnerships, study visits

Educational trips

discovery journies in nature with educational elements

Individual sessions

coaching, support calls, consultations, and mentorship


moderation and facilitation of programs, meetings

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