Henric Johansson COACHING

Henric Johansson

International Mindset Trainer/Coach/Mentor/Facilitator

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If you have fears, stress, and bad thoughts habits? Or if you have Success and want more of the good stuff, check out your values.

Henric loves to help people achieve their goals and dreams, Henric approaches his interactions with these Core Values in mind, Care, Compassion, Helpfulness, Honesty, Contribution, and Family.

His focus is on helping you get from where you are to where you want to be.

"My purpose in life is to help you find your purpose and empower you to become more of who you already are."

Everything is okay, nothing to fix, nothing to repair. You have everything within you and have access to all the power and motivation you need. Core Values coaching is based on what is important to you.

What is it that has so much value that you can fight for it? Freedom? Knowledge? The family?Truth?

Become more of who you already are! Unleash your inner hero. It's about time. Let's do it!

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Coaching a Work Team, Sports Team, or Association is about helping your Team of People to share their own experiences and get results.

Henric can add his own experiences as a Coach, Teacher, or HR Director but the key is that everyone is really involved and your Team challenge is in focus, called self-coaching.

Henric will lead your group through all the stages of the Coaching process - giving an introduction of the theme, creating a safe atmosphere,  opening the group for discussions, and guiding by tasks, and at the end of the workshop will wrap up with an evaluation and closing.

With Proactivity, End in Mind, First thing first, Win-win, and a boost of Energy everyone one will Synergize and get the real deal done!

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In this digital world is necessary to be a competent Coach in tools of communication Online.

Henric will be the experienced Online Coach who will support you or your team online. Live Coaching or discussion sessions. Henric as a Coach will encourage conversation, ensuring that everyone is able to contribute and communicate in a positive and collaborative way. 

One to One or a Team Coaching session is a blast of energy, clarity, and results, let's do it!